How Solar
Energy Works

Harnessing the Sun’s Power to Bring Your Home to Life

Solar energy is still a relatively young technology, but it has already begun to transform the way we generate electricity and bring power to our homes. The sun provides us with all the energy we need to cheaply and cleanly power the entire world. With a Vibrant Solar System, you can harness some of that power, and use it to bring your home to life.

Solar Service

To get a Vibrant Solar System for your home, you’ll have to go through 6 stages.

1. Consultation

Get in touch and discuss your requirements. We can visit yourhome to get a better idea about exactly what you need.

2. Design

Our team of experts will draw up a bespoke plan for your home’s newsolar energy system.

3. Permitting:

We’ll work with you to acquire all the necessary permits and permission for the installation.

4. Installation:

Our trained technicians will install your new solar energy systems. This usually takes less than a day.

5. Inspection:

Before we activate it, we’ll inspect the solar energy systems to make sure it meets all the necessary regulations and standards.

6. Activation:

You’re good to go! We switch on your new solar energy system, bringing power and life to your home.

When you work with Vibrant Solar we’ll take you through the whole process, doing all the hard work on your behalf.


Solar Technology

The individual photovoltaic (PV) cells on a solar panel contain a semi-conductor material that absorbs sunlight, generating direct current (DC) energy. Inverter technology then converts this to alternating current (AC) energy, making it useable for your home. Once your solar energy system has been installed and is up and running, it’s this solar energy you use every time you flip a light-switch, turn on your TV, or charge your phone. You’ll still be connected to the grid, but you’ll only need to use grid power if you run out of solar power.

Solar Economics

There’s never been a better time to get hold of a solar energy system for your home. Falling equipment costs, generous tax incentives, and affordable financing mean that a solar PV system is well within the financial reach of the average household. It’s also worth noting that having a solar PV system can reduce your utility bills by up to 30%, and that it’ll also add significant value to your property – $15,000 on average. Purchase a Vibrant Solar System, and you’ll soon notice the financial benefits.