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One of the main motivations people have when they consider having a solar energy system installed is saving money. So how exactly can buying or leasing a Vibrant Solar System help you cut down your overheads and reduce household expenditure?

Here’s our step-by-step guide to solar savings.

Step 1

Sunlight (which is free!) hits your PV solar panels, creating energy.

Step 2

That energy is converted to electricity.

Step 3

That electricity is used to power your home and any left-over power goes to your bidirectional meter.

Step 4

The meter sends this excess power to the utility grid, building up a ‘bank’ of credits.

Step 5

When you do use grid electricity, these credits will be used before you’re charged anything.

Step 6

Your electricity bill will be lower and your house value will be higher than before you went solar.

Is my home suitable for a solar energy system?

Some homes are more suitable for solar savings than other. As part of your free consultation, we’ll send a trained solar specialist to your home to advise you on whether solar is right for you. If you have high electricity bills and a roof that catches a lot of rays, you’ll be a prime candidate.

  The main factors our specialist will look are:

  Your electricity usage

  The rates you pay for electricity

  Your roof space

  Hours of sunlight/shading on your property

  Your roof’s position and tilt

  The age and condition of your roof

We will always give you an honest assessment of whether your home is suitable for a solar energy system. We won’t try to sell you one if your roof spends most of the day in shade!

Want more info on whether your home is suitable for a Vibrant Solar System?

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