Bringing High-Quality Solar Energy Solutions To The Dallas/FortWorth Area

Our Vision

Solar power is the future of energy use. The sun provides us with unlimited renewable energy. All we need to do us find smart, efficient ways to tap into it. That’s where we come in. 

Vibrant Solar was founded to provide the people of Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with access to high quality solar energy solutions. Our locality has never been well served by solar installation companies, and solar power usage per capita is on average lower than in other parts of the country. This is despite the fact that we have an average of 230 sunny days per year. The average for the United States as a whole is 205 sunny days. 

Does that make sense you? No, not to us either. We want to do something about it. 

We aim to give every single person in Dallas/Fort Worth area the chance to get HIGH-QUALITY and AFFORDABLE solar energy systems for their home.

A Commitment to Quality

With Vibrant Solar, high quality is a given. Our sister company is Center Point Renovations, provider of the best roofing, bathrooms, windows, and other home improvements available in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the last ten years. Center Point are proud to be Dedicated to Excellence, an ethos that Vibrant Solarshares.

 All of our solar installations are performed by our expert, professional technicians. We don’t sub-contract, and we don’t cut corners. All of our solar energy systems are made of the highest quality materials, and designed based on the most cutting-edge techniques. Our products come with a 25 year warranty, but we can help you to maintain them so that they last much longer. Our customer service and ongoing maintenance are second to none.

A Commitment to Affordability

Vibrant Solar is also proud to be able to offer our products and services at affordable rates. We’ll design, build and install your new solar energy system for a price that’s fair and competitive. We’ll advise you on the best ways to claim taxbreaks and government incentives. If you prefer to lease one of our systems, we’ll sit down with you, do the math, and make sure that the investment is goingto make financial sense. 

We’ll also explain how you can reduce your bills by selling your excess solar energy back to the grid, as well as identifying how you can use a solar energy system to add value to your home.

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